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Small Pumps

Our small pumps include residential use pumps such as pool, spa, irrigation pumps, jet pumps, well pumps and small submersible pumps.

Sales - Whether you call, send us an email, or come to our counter, our experienced staff will listen and determine your needs. If you send or bring in a pump you want to replace, we will match it up with a suitable replacement. We have in stock a wide variety of pool and spa pumps for your recreational use, and a wide variety of centrifugal and jet pumps for irrigation and other needs. We also stock submersible pumps for water wells. If we donít have what you need we can quickly get it.

Service and Repair - When a pump is brought in or sent in for service or repair, we determine the problem and either quote it or repair it based upon your instructions. We repair and service all kinds of pumps. We have a large inventory of seals and repair parts, but if we donít have the part you need, we can quickly get it. If we determine that it would be cheaper for you to replace it, we will give you that option and quote the price of a new pump or unit.

Please see the Repair Service page for more information.

Large Pumps

We sell and repair all types of large pumps including centrifugal, effluent, sewage, sump, grinder, booster, submersible and vertical turbine pumps. Our customers include municipal wastewater plants, municipal fresh water plants, defense department bases, other governmental bodies, golf courses, manufacturing plants, schools and industry.

Sales - Whether you call, send us an email, or come to our counter, our experienced personnel will listen and help determine your needs. We can help you with a single pump or a complete pumping system whether you are pumping out of a pit, pumping from a lake, pumping water for a fountain, or pumping water for an irrigation system.

Service and Repair - If your large pump needs repair or service (and it is local) we can come to your location remove the pump and take it back to our shop for repair. Our experienced staff will determine the problem and call, email or fax a quote to you with the cost to repair your pump. If we determine that the cost of repair approaches the cost of a new pump, we will also provide you with a quote on a replacement pump. We want to help you keep your costs as low as possible because we want you as a return customer.

Please see the Repair Service page for more information.


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